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About us

The company was established in Schwelm in 1997 under the name JMS- Brokerage. A branch was opened in Düsseldorf in 2005, where the company headquarters moved in 2006. The company changed its name to JMS Investments e.K. in 2007 under the same management.

The mission at JMS Investments e.K., through it's market knowledge and experienced staff, has always been to develop and deliver investment strategies in order for it's customers to be successful in today's market place.

Unlike other companies in this field our trading decisions and rules are based on mathematical models rather than decisions of any one individual. It is our goal to exploit opportunities and in all cases to reduce your investment risks wherever possible.
The increasing complexities of today's international market place means that modern and fast communication of information is key; JMS Investments e.K. is in a position to react to changing market conditions immediately as it is staffed until 2200 hours. After German market closing, breaking News from America may require an immediate trading response, a similar reaction is not possible until the following day when trading is conducted through your bank. in other words, with JMS Investments e.K. you have the edge.

It is the success of our customers which has lead to our success, it is now for you to decide to employ the experience and knowledge of JMS Investments e.K. as part of your financial management. You should always be aware of the high risks involved in leveraged investments and only trade with capital you can afford to lose.We would be pleased to send you more detailed information material about this fascinating form of investment.